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We understand what it takes to succeed at each stage of the growth journey and help private enterprises, governments, and non-profits succeed.

Passion drives entrepreneurs, governments, and non-profits, as well as our advisors to help you achieve your goals.

IFM Organization Advisory consultants are committed to working with entrepreneurs, governments, and non-profits no matter where you are on your growth journey – whether you want to achieve new heights, embrace technology, start new things, transform organizational practices, raise capital, or solve priority issues. And additionally, for enterprises, we also support acquisitions & mergers of new businesses, plan for an exit, manage the transfer of wealth, or transfer of your business to the next generation. Working with us provides you with access to a trusted advisor — a single point of contact who understands your growth attitude. We’ll help you drive your endeavor forward and reach your objectives by leveraging our worldwide resources and partnership network.

Organizational Transformation

Almost everything we do at IFM focuses around organization. With the right organizational design, companies can shift operations and achieve long-term competitive advantage.

Private Enterprise

Every business evolves. Every firm has a business cycle, from inception to maturity, with its own opportunities and challenges.


Governments around the world oversee a wide range of departments and services. With shrinking budgets and rising service demands, effective management is crucial.               

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Central Government

Local Government


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Non-Profit Organization

Non-profits are vital to our economy and society. Changing demographics, philanthropic support, and regulations are affecting them financially.

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Social Housing

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