Multiple aspects, from geopolitical developments to business model development to department digitalization, influence corporate strategy, operations, and legal department expectations today. Legal departments now have the ability to adapt to these elements and reimagine how they deliver services. By upgrading, simplifying, and digitizing their procedures and operations, they may free up resources for value-added work.

Our Legal team helps you navigate complexity, find new ways to grow, and transform ways of working, from projecting the impact of regulatory, economic, and political shifts on your organization to future-proofing your strategy.

Future of Legal

The future of legal is all about diving deeper into the dynamics affecting organizations and the potential for in-house counsels to grow and rethink their roles and duties for success.

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Business Performance & Security

Digitization and change


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Corporate & Commercial Law

Our team of experts provides assistance with several Corporate Law and Commercial Law-related disciplines and concerns.

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IFM’s staff is part of an international network that provides legal guidance in all key business sectors, including employment, environmental, IP, finance, and tax law.

Corporate law

Commercial Law

Corporate Governance, Shareholder Controversies

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Digital Law

As a result of digitization, the legal and contractual relationships between organizations, individuals, and governments are altering.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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The IFM Digital Law team can assist with identifying digital risk areas as well as meeting legal challenges.

Cyber and Data Law

Digital IP Law

The Digital Legal Framework

Regulating E-Commerce

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Legal Operations

IFM legal services solve today’s difficulties with agile, tailored methods. We provide legal advice, operations, and managed services to empower and value the company.                                      

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We use cross-functional connections and a global, interdisciplinary strategy to integrate the legal function through technology-driven workflow.

Legal Management

Legal Advisory

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Transaction Law

Businesses are focused on achieving scale through acquisitions. This requires a flawless post-acquisition and merger procedure.

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By combining IFM’s legal team with professionals from Assurance, Tax, Transactions, and Advisory, we can handle a range of transactional difficulties.

Legal Transaction Advice

Transaction-Related Reorganizations

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Compliance & Governance of Entities

We customize solutions for entity compliance and governance. Our managed services are digitally equipped to improve your entity’s compliance and governance program’s efficiency, risk minimization, and cost transparency.

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Governance Consulting

Entity Management Services

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