Organizational Transformation

Almost everything we do at IFM focuses around organization. With the right organizational design, companies can shift operations and achieve long-term competitive advantage. We believe organizations are most effective when they harness their people’s intelligence to innovate. Many company leaders don’t realize how their organization’s design hinders agility, speed, cost-efficiency, and resilience. Our quick, impartial, and unbiased analysis considers industry trends, disruptions, and dynamics. We also examine the operational-model modifications required to unleash value.

Our organization consultants don’t use a standard top-down strategy. Instead, we help you prepare your firm for the future by applying innovative ideas, organizational models, and technology that put organizational transformation in the hands of your leaders.

Organizational Design

Our organizational design strategy is based on a simple premise: changing the organizational context in which a company’s people operate changes company performance.

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Creating a high-performance company demands not only optimizing structure and operations, but also changing how it functions and develops leadership and culture competencies.

Changes in Structure and Roles

Accepting New Ways of Working

Leadership-Culture Alignment

Smart Performance Design

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Organizational Culture

Most leaders understand the significance of creating a high-performance culture in their organization. Creating the correct culture is crucial for long-term competitive advantage.

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We assist clients in defining their business culture. Using change management tactics and tools, we train leaders how to effectively activate a new culture and permanently embed it in the organization.




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Smart Customization

Our Smart Customization methodology reduces unnecessary complexity in enterprises by recognizing problems and giving solutions.                                                                                                                                                          

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Smart Customization helps firms find and resolve excessive complexity while producing long-term value. Smart Customization varies from traditional solutions in that we study the determinants of behavior and the setting in which people operate, then adjust that context to accomplish the desired behavior.

Smart Start




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