Transaction Law

Businesses are focused on achieving scale through acquisitions. This requires a flawless post-acquisition and merger procedure. By combining IFM’s legal team with professionals from Assurance, Tax, Transactions, and Advisory, we can handle a range of transactional difficulties. We augment transactional skills with a wide grasp of business areas including antitrust, employment and benefits, environmental law, intellectual property, and tax.

Legal Transaction Advice

IFM provides thorough legal transaction advice and support to help you achieve your transaction goals in a timely, effective, and value-added way. IFM helps turn strategic vision into reality and run transactions smoothly. The demand for precise transaction assessment has never been higher. IFM offers legal transaction advice and support, including:

→ Separation, carve-outs

→ Negotiation and deal structuring

→ The auction process and documentation

→ Buy-side and sell-side due diligence

→ Debt and equity

→ Buy-sell agreements

→ Investment and shareholder agreement


→ Service-level agreements and intercompany finance

→ Legal clearance

→ Transaction completion and reorganizations

Transaction-Related Reorganizations

Whether selling or acquiring a business, multinational firms face several barriers during pre- and post-transaction reorganizations. Our expertise in these areas allows us to reduce execution risk, minimize effect on daily operations, respond rapidly to queries, and channel stakeholder feedback. Our services can fit your needs and resources.

→ The legal teams who manage interactions with the client, local counsel, other IFM teams, and third-party consultants

→ Timelines and deadlines are well-defined

→ Templates for global legal documents increase efficiency and standardization

→ Reduced internal burden

→ We support all project management abilities

→ IFM can help achieve cost-efficiency and reduce project friction by harnessing your company’s synergies and expertise