Capital Excellence

Capital Excellence is a rigorous, holistic methodology enabled by digital and agile tools to improve portfolio returns and programme performance.

We help companies employ best-in-class thinking to their capital project portfolios and project delivery value chain. Our experts in financial excellence can help you make your financial processes more efficient and adapt to new digital ways of working.

We drive end-to-end capital transformation by combining technology, sophisticated analytics, and capability building. This reduces risks, saves money, speeds progress, improves returns, and boosts performance.

Capital & Portfolio Strategy

We help companies identify their strategic direction, optimize capital expenditures, and develop enterprise-wide capex capabilities, including digital transitions.

Value-Added Projects

To maximize a project’s potential, we optimize design, procurement, and key enablers (organization, culture, capabilities, risk, contracts, digital, and analytics).

Building Projects

Our targeted execution reduces costs, boosts safety, and shortens timelines. We collaborate with your leadership team and deliver end-to-end value assurance and optimization for significant projects.

Shared-Services Financing

We design adaptive frameworks to boost your financial organization’s agility and decrease costs.

Finance Excellence

We establish and improve finance processes to boost your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. We boost process efficiency by utilizing digital capabilities to realize business benefits, resulting in decreased complexity, better transparency and traceability, and crucial agility in your applications and IT landscape operations.

Digitizing Finance

By using process analytic techniques like process mining, accurate monitoring of all process variables (e.g., productivity ratio, lead times, process variants, errors) can be accelerated. We optimize processes with cutting-edge cloud solutions and traditional ERPs. We help clients choose the right technologies and install new IT applications. Platforms Solutions allow businesses to become paperless, optimizing end-to-end procedures and saving time and effort.

Lean Finance

Lean finance management streamlines procedures and allows day-to-day personnel more control, which is vital for project success. This improves fast-closing projects. Lean finance management training helps companies build continuous improvement programs for routine process optimizations.