Non-Profit Organization

Non-profits are vital to our economy and society. Changing demographics, philanthropic support, and regulations are affecting them financially. We help you keep contributing to society effectively. To secure your future, get advice to maintain tax breaks and exemptions, secure income streams, and improve operational efficiency. We help non-profits maintain tax-exempt status by providing audit, tax, and advisory services to overcome obstacles and build a strong operating model. Because of the sector’s diversity, each non-profit has distinct needs. We work with non-profits, schools, housing associations, religious organizations, health care providers, and private foundations. You can be a small non-profit or a large corporation. We can tailor solutions to your needs, regardless of size.

Our non-profits services include IT security, Business operations, financial counselling, Risk and internal control, Technology assurance, and HR consulting.


Variable funding levels, legal and compliance changes, and increased resource demands are straining non-profits. Along with financial concerns, charities must confront cybercrime and fraud, as well as the expenses of preventing them. Meanwhile, these groups attempt to embrace possibilities provided by digital innovation and remote labor without diverting funds from their causes. We believe that by partnering with charity, we can offer new solutions that increase organizational performance. By outsourcing to us, you can focus on what matters most. As part of our service, we offer a cyber security assessment, help with risk management and governance, and IT outsourcing with the latest technical innovation and support.


The education business confronts substantial issues due to regulatory and political changes and funding limits. Never has there been a greater need for expert assistance to ensure educational institutions can keep up with change and deliver the finest services to staff and students. We help public and private schools with strategic, operational, and budgetary problems.   We provide innovative and practical solutions to aid educators and students. Whether you need consultancy, regulatory, operational, or short-term help to improve institutional performance, our team can build programs to match your needs.

Social Housing

We partner with a variety of social housing and care providers, including traditional housing associations, large-scale voluntary transfers, for-profit providers, local governments, and organizations with complex group structures. Our diverse staff is enthusiastic about their work and understands the critical role that social housing plays in society. They can work together to provide you with audit, risk advisory, assurance, and consultancy services that are tailored to your specific requirements. When you deal with us, you will have a single point of contact who will manage a team of experienced specialists who will personalize their recommendations to your exact need.