Smart Customization

Our Smart Customization methodology reduces unnecessary complexity in enterprises by recognizing problems and giving solutions. Businesses face a variety of obstacles, including expanding laws, new technologies, and increased client demands. External demands and concerns have increased companies’ internal complexity. Many performance challenges result from complexity, including high expenses, sluggish decision-making, siloed thinking, a lack of inventiveness, and trouble getting things done. Business complexity is inevitable, but complicatedness isn’t.

Smart Customization helps firms find and resolve excessive complexity while producing long-term value. Smart Customization varies from traditional solutions in that we study the determinants of behavior and the setting in which people operate, then adjust that context to accomplish the desired behavior. Smart Customization Framework is as follows.

Smart Start

We start by administering our Complicatedness Survey, which identifies major signs of complicatedness hindering your organization’s success.


Smart Customization’s analysis tools, in-depth staff interviews, and behavioral research uncover the causes of complicatedness and illustrate the link between context and behavior. We determine how context changes will rationalize new behaviors and boost performance.


Finally, we use simple rules to deal with complexity, based on economics, game theory, and organizational sociology.


We design a strategy and apply Smart Customization ideas to ensure change.