Social Impact & Sustainability

We want to be our industry’s leading impact partner and advisor on sustainability, climate, energy transition, and environmental, social and governance.

Businesses must serve customers, workers, society, and investors more than before. We analyze our clients’ business models, capabilities, and operations and help them achieve long-term economic, environmental, and social impact.

Sustainable Investing

Institutional investors are introducing more sustainability-focused funds to deliver financial value.


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We help private equity firms and investors build investment strategies, locate and analyze carbon-reduction opportunities, and expand their sustainability-focused portfolio companies.

Green Business Building

Green growth is leading the way, and resource efficiency methods are emerging quickly.                                                                                                                                                    

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We work with climate-focused entrepreneurs, from seed-stage start-ups to entrepreneurial incumbents. We help them launch sustainable businesses. From strategic vision through market assessments, sustainable product design, finance, and people management, we aid clients at every level.

Net Zero Strategy

Sustainability is a high issue for many reasons. Investors and financial markets increasingly require a credible ESG plan and a roadmap to net-zero carbon emissions.

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We help leaders take measures toward net zero.

Net-zero Portfolio Strategy

ESG strategy

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Decarbonization Transformation

Approaching net zero requires firms to assess their entire system, from product design and supply chain to manufacturing and operations, to find carbon and how to remove it. We assist firms at different stages of growth move faster toward sustainability.

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We partner with clients to develop and implement operational change and produce long-term profits.

Manufacturing & Capital Expenditures

Innovation & Design

Sustainable Supply Chain

Carbon Accounting

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Humanitarian Response Strategy

A humanitarian catastrophe demands fast intervention and a longer-term plan. BCG humanitarian response consultants cooperate across business, public, and social sectors to promote new and innovative methods.

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A humanitarian catastrophe might start swiftly, yet it can influence lives for months or years. COVID-19 made it obvious. A humanitarian response must be innovative, agile, and adaptive.



Emergency Preparedness

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Food Systems & Security

Sustainable agriculture, strong supply networks, and healthy food are vital to global health.

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We work with businesses, foundations, and governments to secure global food security.

Sustainable Agriculture

Food Waste and Loss

Food Supply Chain

Food Packaging

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