Your company’s strategy and success are linked by operations. Companies that can move fast and scale up new capabilities have a competitive advantage. Operational excellence is critical for achieving and maintaining a competitive advantage, but it’s more difficult than ever before. Our Operations Practice combines strategy, technology, and transformation. We bridge the gap between boardroom strategy and front-line operations by embracing technology and promoting long-term reforms through capability development.

Demand Planning & Management

Our comprehensive planning framework and strategy can assist businesses in overcoming challenges such as: Complexity of the supply chain, Non-formalized S&OP, planning quality, supply chain instability, increased expenses across the supply chain, supply chain risks.

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We uncover the greatest digital solutions for our clients and transform them into demand management and planning excellence.

Planning for sales and operations (S&OP)

Resource Allocation (DRP)

Demand Management

Production Planning

Inventory Planning

Monitoring supply chain analytics

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Product Development

Your growth depends on introducing new products and services and you’ll need a well-managed innovation portfolio, the correct R&D operating model, a holistic strategy to decrease costs and complexity, and more.                        

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Our comprehensive approach to product development and innovation enables organizations in advanced manufacturing, energy and natural resources, consumer products, technology, and others to make breakthrough new products.

Innovation Strategy

Development Efficiency

Optimizing the Product and Service Life-Cycle to Increase Profitability

Improve Agility and Efficiency



Optimize Investment Areas

Supplier Innovation and Productivity

Agile Digital Operations Strategy

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Sourcing & Procurement

Technology adoption and operating strategies are disrupting procurement. We assist businesses in developing long-term sourcing strategies.                                                       

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We work with your team to find and deliver savings across all spend categories and procurement variables. We’ll focus on cost reduction, supplier management, performance risk, and supplier diversity.

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Service Operations / Support Functions

The repercussions of disregarding service and support operations serve as a stark reminder of their necessity. A lack of concentration results in a waste of resources, sluggish service, and dissatisfied customers. Many service firms are chasing digital players, who set the benchmark in customer experience and efficiency.

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Through end-to-end analysis of our clients’ service and support processes, we help them maximize their service operations. We consider each support function and shared service as a source of competitive advantage. To give employees more time to focus on tasks that generate value, we search for ways to streamline and simplify operations. As a result, we are able to assist clients with the transformation of their support roles and shared services. By rethinking structures, streamlining procedures, and operating digital services, we create success.

Field Service

Customer Care & Service

Automation & Analytics

Zero-Based Productivity

Data-Driven Decisions

The Agile Way

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Supply Chain

Today’s customers have diverse, intelligent, and unpredictable expectations. Markets and manufacturing locations continually change. As dependency increases at every level, costly natural disasters or economic concerns are more likely to disrupt supply chain networks.

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Smart organisations construct flexible, adaptable, and sustainable supply networks to meet these constraints. Their supply chain approach matches their company plan. The best supply management is built on smart deployment and planned resilience and responds quickly to demand changes. And they know that efficient and green supply chains help business and the environment.

Strategize with Supply Chain Operations

Adopt an end-to-end transformation plan

Transform production to boost productivity

Improve operational health by filling skill gaps

Build a strong culture for a competitive edge

Digitize and automate your supply chain

Sustainable Supply Chain

Lean Production Systems

Inventory Management

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Value Chain Analysis

Value chain analysis identifies the behaviors and procedures that differentiate a company from its competitors. We’ll determine your competitive edge when we analyze your company’s value chain. Firms choose from cost advantage or differentiation advantage.

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Value chain analysis requires identifying primary and auxiliary functions. You will know where you spend the most money, where your organization can improve, and where your competitors can exceed you.

Determine the company’s primary and auxiliary functions

Assess activity value and cost

Examine competitor value chains

Know how customers perceive value

Recognize opportunity to acquire a competitive advantage

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Logistics Capabilities

Global value chains and local legislation influence today’s logistics methods. Mergers and acquisitions can affect logistics structures and operations, as can market volatility and political unrest.

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New technologies expedite procedures and promote transparency, raising customers’ logistics service quality expectations. We design and implement innovative, competitive strategies and solutions with our clients.

Logistics Management

International Trade

Design and management of warehouses

Outsourced logistics

Smart Logistics

Logistics IT system optimization

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Product Lifecycle Management & Master Data Management

During a digital product’s lifecycle, it’s hard to maintain end-to-end transparency and traceability. During a digital product’s lifecycle, it’s hard to maintain end-to-end transparency and traceability.                                                    


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We use digital transformation and process automation across the full value chain in our PLM strategy. We cover all PLM methodologies, processes, and system solutions and can integrate PLM into upstream and downstream processes and IT systems. Our approach identifies and analyses opportunities within master data management inputs, evaluations, and patterns. Our approach identifies and analyses opportunities within master data management inputs, evaluations, and patterns.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Master Data Management (MDM)

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