Compliance & Governance of Entities

We customize solutions for entity compliance and governance. Our managed services are digitally equipped to improve your entity’s compliance and governance program’s efficiency, risk minimization, and cost transparency.

Governance Consulting

We give entity governance services for a number of initiatives. Transactional projects, seasonal workflow peaks, or projects to assure the Board and other stakeholders on data quality or entity status are examples. We can customize projects to board help, including aid with routine and irregular board and committee meetings, Secondments and temporary assistance, Services for designing and reviewing governance policies, Diagram of organizational structure, Functional department reviews in governance, Cross-organizational help with the implementation of new local or regional regulatory requirements.

Entity Management Services

IFM teams can provide seamless entity management services, keeping your entities in good standing and avoiding penalties and breaches, regardless of your organizational structure. Our services include corporate health checks to validate corporate data and group entity compliance. Annual compliance service encompasses all obligatory legislative duties, such as assistance with all year-end formalities, maintaining corporate records, preparing and filing recurring returns with the local registration, and so on. Furthermore, event-driven changes services provide ordinary corporate changes such as a change in director or registered location, as well as changes in shareholding or share capital, requirements for power of attorney or document execution, and changes in legal documents such as articles, bylaws, or constitution. Knowledge and training offerings included bespoke training based on your organization’s policies, as well as director handbooks outlining practical knowledge and reference tools.