Compliance & Risk

Creating value in a shifting competitive landscape. We work with clients to establish plans, aid with transactions, and implement deeper reforms. Functional excellence is our goal.

Governance Risk & Compliance

Risk management and compliance can protect a company’s operations and reputation. We help organizations of all sizes become more ethical, resilient, and competitive by identifying systemic or structural difficulties.

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Our risk and compliance services include financial risk consulting and compliance consulting. We consider financial, nonfinancial, operational, and strategic risks. This allows us to help our clients expand their businesses while avoiding risks, anticipating regulatory changes, and adopting ethical practices, which helps them acquire the trust of employees, stakeholders, investors, and the public.

Compliance / Crisis response

Risk management and control

Auditing and Reviewing

Credit Risk

Commodity Risk

Operational Risks

Governance / Compliance

Climate, Environmental, Social, and Governance Risks

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IT Risk

75% of ERP programs fail, leaving executives with problems like finding the correct solution and implementation partner, learning and aligning with the ERP system’s needs, and supporting high-end technologies.

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We help clients with ERP testing and assessments to identify specific initiatives to improve ERP system performance, ERP optimization, ERP evaluation and sourcing support, ERP implementation support, ERP project management office assistance, Process and controls design, Functional testing and validation services, Training and change management support, Master data cleansing services, ERP migration and upgrade assistance, and Reports.

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Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity is not a technological endeavor. This is a business initiative with a strong technological component and is an integral part of a company’s strategy. Companies that realize this avoid lengthy, impractical cyber roadmaps. 

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They prioritize business-critical risks and capabilities. Our unique cybersecurity methodology is influenced by this philosophy and we help firms prioritize digital and cyber risk management. As a result, a substantial percentage of our work focuses on enabling: building the framework for continued success. We integrate technology knowledge with risk management processes and controls to lower our clients’ susceptibility and increase their ability to respond quickly to cyber disasters.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Cyber Technology

Cyber Assurance

Capacity building

Continually Assessing, Adapting, and Improving

Cyber Audits

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