Digital Transformation

IFM brings the power of a design-led approach to digital process simplification for organizations to grow and thrive in the digital era. We help our clients in developing a holistic digital integration strategy through leveraging data and artificial intelligence, driving modernization and capitalizing on new technology, optimizing processes, adopting an agile governance approach, assessing transformation progress, and cultivating digital talent and culture. And we enable teams across a business with the systems, and capabilities they need to be agile, adapt, and cope with market disruptions long after we’ve left. This is the kind of paradigm shift those counts.

Use Data & Analytics to your Advantage!

Organizations in every industry are looking for innovative ways to leverage data, and current technology provides excellent opportunities.

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We can help you make your data work for you right now with honed approaches and best practices. Begin your journey toward becoming an analytics-driven organization now.

Digital Strategy

Analytics & AI

Internet of Things

Robotics & Automation



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Core Revival: Drive Modernization

Enhancing legacy assets is a continuing opportunity. A simple, all-in-one ERP suite or core module is becoming a decentralized, cloud-enabled, API-orchestrated collection of functionalities with a streamlined user experience.

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As this welcome innovative shift continues into the future, we help organizations engage in the core revival trend and establish a road plan for adapting prized core assets to new technology realities.

Infrastructure & Cloud

Enterprise Architecture

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Technology Sourcing

Agile Delivery

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Sales & Marketing Transformation

Effective interaction blends strategy, design, data, technology, and intent. We provide, maintain, evolve, and support a growing library of integrated tools and capabilities within the modern marketing, sales, and commerce ecosystem, optimizing delivery times and costs while ensuring quality and reducing risk.

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We’ll help you establish a plan for value-driven sales and marketing transformation. To increase adoption and boost ROI, our design thinking process emphasizes time-to-value.

Digital Marketing Operations & Technology

Digital Sales

Dynamic E-commerce Pricing

Personalization at Scale

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Create & Cultivate Digital Culture

Creating and cultivating digital culture must be driven like a high-stakes project with every department’s leadership and involvement should progress phase by phase to attain digital maturity at an organization level.

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We assist you match the organization’s core values with the Digital attributes you seek and generate ownership from each touchpoint.

Digital Culture & Capabilities

Digital Organization

Full Scale Transformation

Enterprise Agility

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Create a Unified Digital Experience

Customers are happier when companies integrate their experiences, and a cohesive digital approach provides them an edge over competition.

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Digital experience management requires a well-thought-out, coordinated approach. We help organizations bring experiences together — for every customer, every time, across any modern channel, and on a single unified platform. We also assist with the analysis and redesign of existing systems to create a future-proof experience platform.

End-to-End Journey Redesign

Experience Design

Design Theory

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Connect & Optimize Operations

Navigate disruption and operational challenges with the right strategy and approaches to enhance resilience and competitive advantage. Our operations consulting services encompass enterprise strategy, implementation, and technology solutions that generate business results.

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To expedite your connected operations plan, our operations consultants provide business transformation and industry experience, proprietary technology, ecosystem partner solutions, and our allies’ industrial transformation experience.

Corporate Functions

Enterprise Resource Planning

IT Project Optimization

Lean IT

Digitizing Operations

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