Governments around the world oversee a wide range of departments and services. With shrinking budgets and rising service demands, effective management is crucial. Our purpose is to help governments better manage services, execute programs, and transform their operations. Through collaboration and innovation, we promote excellence in service delivery to benefit all stakeholders and society as a whole. Whether you’re a local government looking for capital funding options, a central government looking for auditing services, or a non-departmental government body or health authority looking for operational efficiencies, our purpose is to provide you with strategies and solutions that exceed your expectations.

We assist local governments, national governments, and health authorities with Internal and external audit, Risk management, Management consultancy, Technology management Program and project management, Government advice, and Grants assurance.

Central Government

Financial audits and anti-fraud measures are needed to retain public trust in institutions. Governments, ministries, and public organizations require professional counsel and the newest technology to satisfy financial and legal duties. Globally, we collaborate with government entities to ensure their financial activity and reporting are legal. Our experienced and talented specialists offer comprehensive audit, assurance, and advisory services. We assist government ministries and departments restructure their operations, embrace new procedures, better manage services, implement programs, and secure their assets. IFM has a history of working with public sector organizations to promote innovation, good reform, and user-centricity. Our teams are well-versed in the public sector and offer collaborative, integrated business services.

Local Government

Local government capital financing is under pressure, yet it’s vital to economic growth and service quality. Understanding the options for funding vital projects has never been more important. The way local government distributes public services is also altering due to local government audits, which focuses on efficient and effective resource usage and reassures elected members and local taxpayers. Our vast network of expertise can help with advice consultancy. They are ideally positioned to improve your operations, produce viable project plans, and obtain access to cutting-edge local government funding solutions to achieve savings. Through our dedicated team, we provide the skills, procedures, and technological capabilities to deliver an efficient and effective service that improves results for the people you serve.


IFM helps healthcare clients make educated decisions and achieve success. We operate at all levels of health and social care governance, so we can provide commercial and public customers a customized solution. Our clients include national, regional, and local governments, public or private health facilities, and patient organizations seeking help for strategic or operational transformation. Strategic aid includes market expansion strategies, negotiations, strategic planning, healthcare pathways, and system optimization. Operational and financial performance enhancement includes organizational auditing and restructuring, risk mapping, process optimization, change management, financial modeling, and leadership and staff training. IT consulting services include IT planning, audits, analytics, and cybersecurity. Compliance includes survey and audit preparedness evaluations, policy, procedure, and program formulation and evaluation.