Corporate Finance Strategy

Uncertainty is increasing, as is the half-life of leadership positions and business strategies. In this context, winning requires two things: strategic insights into how the world is likely to change—and the capacity to produce value from those insights before the game changes again.

We help you be a great business that generates growth, attracts people, and engages investors and produces value. IFM is at the forefront of strategic innovation with its experience curve, growth-share matrix, time-based competition, and digital deconstruction. We assist clients establish plans and achieve improved outcomes through transaction help and modifications. We work with customers not just to establish strategies, but also to deliver superior results through transactions and broader transformations.

Corporate Strategy

Ensuring that the company portfolio is worth more than its pieces involve a clear corporate strategy, consistent parenting, smart capital allocation, and a compelling investor story.

Business Strategy

Delivering value-creating development requires a clear grasp of the competitive landscape as well as the imagination, resources, and discipline to make your idea a reality.

Value Creation and Shareholder Activism Defense

The top businesses iteratively shape corporate, commercial, financial, and investor strategies. The best defense against rising activism is persistent value creation.

Management of Risk

Understanding, predicting, and managing strategic and operational risks are key to strategy and value preservation.

Strategic Excellence

Staying ahead of competition requires a better, always-on strategy function that can see the future and your organization’s place in it.

Finance Excellence

Superior company results demand a world-class finance department and a digital, strategy-aligned financial management approach that develops and sustains a performance culture.

M&A, Transactions, Post-Merger Integration

Bringing a strategy to life and expediting value generation frequently requires gaining new skills, extending market access, and delaying certain activities to start others. More than half of transactions lose value.

Family Enterprise

To unlock the benefits of family businesses, business and family needs must be balanced.