Food Systems & Security

Sustainable agriculture, strong supply networks, and healthy food are vital to global health. We work with businesses, foundations, and governments to secure global food security. Our holistic food systems consulting maintains these dynamics.

Sustainable Agriculture

We build sustainable agriculture partnerships. We’ve engaged with businesses and foundations on regenerative agriculture,┬ásustainable fisheries and aquaculture, and R&D, innovation, and digital in improving sustainable agriculture.

Food Waste and Loss

Every year, one-third of total global food production is lost or wasted. The issue is massive, yet there is a clear path forward. To make real progress, consumers, governments, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), farmers, and businesses must all work together.

Food Supply Chain

We assist agribusiness and food businesses in increasing efficiencies along their supply chains in ecologically sustainable and food-secure methods. We also assist them in finding strategies to optimize food import and export.

Food Packaging

Food packaging has the potential to do more than only attract and inform customers. Companies can redesign their packaging to lower their global carbon footprint or to add technology that extends the life of their products.