Decarbonization Transformation

Approaching net zero requires firms to assess their entire system, from product design and supply chain to manufacturing and operations, to find carbon and how to remove it. We assist firms at different stages of growth move faster toward sustainability. We partner with clients to develop and implement operational change and produce long-term profits.

Success requires complex trade-off decisions in product design, supply chains, industrial processes, distribution networks, circularity, and technology. We help firms find decarbonization options that are environmentally and financially advantageous.

Manufacturing & Capital Expenditures

Our teams analyze the cost-efficiency of energy and resources utilized in production and harness new sources to develop emission-free and waste-free operations.

Innovation & Design

We undertake thorough product teardowns that involve analyzing value, resources, product circularity, and emissions, as well as identifying possibilities to substitute lower-carbon/less resource-intensive components without losing performance or profit.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We identify suppliers, technologies, and developers needed to reduce carbon from the supply chain, focus on low-carbon procurement and logistics, and enhance the carbon footprint of existing suppliers.

Carbon Accounting

We utilize enterprise resource planning (ERP) to measure how much carbon is consumed at each stage of the supply chain, prioritizing regions with the most carbon-reduction prospects.