Supply Chain

Today’s customers have diverse, intelligent, and unpredictable expectations. Markets and manufacturing locations continually change. As dependency increases at every level, costly natural disasters or economic concerns are more likely to disrupt supply chain networks. Smart organisations construct flexible, adaptable, and sustainable supply networks to meet these constraints. Their supply chain approach matches their company plan. The best supply management is built on smart deployment and planned resilience and responds quickly to demand changes. And they know that efficient and green supply chains help business and the environment.

We help businesses strengthen supply chain resilience and sustainability in order to reduce disruptions and trade volatility. We assist in maximizing the return on these investments. Every supply chain initiative starts with the company’s location and market. We evaluate the present chain and offer improvements. Then, we examine a company’s strategy, network, processes, organisation, systems, and people. We provide a detailed implementation plan and can assist you implement it.

We improve success-critical KPIs to boost supply chain performance. Operational costs; Order fulfilment lead time; Prediction accuracy.

Strategize with Supply Chain Operations

We help clients formulate and execute long-term operational objectives, resulting in agility and an optimised product portfolio. Clients benefit from a multidisciplinary strategy that incorporates commercial, marketing, IT, and product design.

Adopt an end-to-end transformation plan

Instead of simply digitising manufacturing and supply chain operations, we use digital and analytics to revolutionise them.

Transform production to boost productivity

Our services include digital diagnostics, operational transformations, order management, asset productivity, predictive maintenance, resource-production manufacturing, and lean warehousing.

Improve Operational Health by Filling Skill Gaps

By developing key enablers and enhancing capabilities through capability building, we collaborate with customers to generate immediate and long-term results.

Build a Strong Culture for a Competitive Edge

By benchmarking, executing quality and compliance initiatives, and offering preventive measures solutions, we help our clients meet and exceed consumer expectations at every touchpoint.

Digitize and Automate your Supply Chain

We help clients capitalize on supply chain 4.0 by integrating IoT, robotics, and analytics to create a system that improves company performance and consumer experience. This digitally connected ecosystem and real-time knowledge eliminate supply chain bottlenecks, leading to lower costs, less inventories, and fewer lost sales.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We can help you solve difficulties from end to end of the value chain, converting your operations and supply chain from linear to circular using the 5 R’s (rebalance, reduce, reuse, recycle, and remanufacture). We can help you assess your environmental and social starting point, structure your sustainability ambitions, implement the organisational and operating models needed to execute your sustainability strategy across the value chain, and implement traceability, metrics, and digital solutions to support these efforts.

Lean Production Systems

We analyse your company’s performance to find bottlenecks and validate complaints. After identifying constraints, we train production teams in Theory of Constraints and Lean ideas to eliminate wasted time, labour, and materials, reduce overproduction and additional processing, enhance material, labour, and transportation efficiency, and increase throughput.

Inventory Management

Every supply chain has an “optimal portfolio” that balances inventory and service. Most corporations don’t come close since they’d prefer to keep more inventory than enhance service. Incorrect use of safety stock algorithms, SKU complexity, lack of metrics ownership, inappropriate advertising, etc. are all factors. We help firms optimize inventory management by bringing them closer to the efficiency frontier and then helping them “bend the curve” to achieve step-change benefits. We help with planning, purchasing, manufacturing, distribution, product portfolio, and manufacturing network. We integrate digital capabilities across your supply chain.