Service Operations / Support Functions

The repercussions of disregarding service and support operations serve as a stark reminder of their necessity. A lack of concentration results in a waste of resources, sluggish service, and dissatisfied customers. Many service firms are chasing digital players, who set the benchmark in customer experience and efficiency.

Through end-to-end analysis of our clients’ service and support processes, we help them maximize their service operations. We consider each support function and shared service as a source of competitive advantage. To give employees more time to focus on tasks that generate value, we search for ways to streamline and simplify operations. As a result, we are able to assist clients with the transformation of their support roles and shared services. By rethinking structures, streamlining procedures, and operating digital services, we create success.

Field Service

Field service affects a company’s profit and loss as well as public sentiment across several industries. Field service units often miss productivity, quality, resilience, or cost expectations. We help companies modernise their HR to handle these issues.

Customer Care & Service

We improve customer care and service businesses by transforming the customer experience across traditional and digital touchpoints. Businesses can use apps, social media, and chatbots for customer service. Choosing the best solutions will increase operational excellence and customer happiness. We help you identify world-class customer service techniques. We help implement them. We consider cost and service in all our service efforts.

Automation & Analytics

We automate administrative and repetitive tasks to improve lead-to-order, digital service, and go-to-market processes. We optimize SG&A and create value through innovation and creativity. We create and deploy next-generation operational models to support the customer journey, using automation and analytics at scale.

Zero-Based Productivity

We’ll boost your organization’s performance and health across corporate business functions and back-office operations, including scaling back-office automation. We’ll teach you how to employ zero-based productivity for a spectacular turnaround.

Data-Driven Decisions

Data-driven decisions are crucial for managing and maintaining assets. We clients optimize their decision-making and business processes. We make sure your investment, design, construction, maintenance, and decommissioning decisions are data-driven.

The Agile Way

We help clients implement agile ways of working and continuous improvement at scale using management systems, culture, and lean management initiatives.