Logistics Capabilities

Global value chains and local legislation influence today’s logistics methods. Mergers and acquisitions can affect logistics structures and operations, as can market volatility and political unrest. New technologies expedite procedures and promote transparency, raising customers’ logistics service quality expectations. We design and implement innovative, competitive strategies and solutions with our clients.

Logistics Management

Transportation management designs, implements, and controls supply chain product transportation, including freight procurement and settlement. We help companies choose, deploy, and run TMSs.

International Trade

We support global trade solutions that integrate import/export operations, preferences, and compliance regulations into the supply chain and IT environment.

Design and Management of Warehouses

We help our clients to improve overall operations and IT integration to strengthen the warehouse’s position within the supply chain ecosystem. We assist clients in achieving warehouse transparency by implementing the most effective management methods and systems, hence improving warehouse performance. We can assist with warehouse design, which includes need analysis, fundamental concepts, site and technology selection, investor acquisition, and programme management.

Outsourced Logistics

Many companies struggle to decide whether to outsource their logistics or handle them in-house. Our services include logistics target vision, make-or-buy analysis, benchmarking, bid management, cutover, ramp-up, and exit management and control.

Smart Logistics

IoT offers new ways to control logistics processes. Logistics elements become data that report their state and position. Background systems can decide whether to intervene based on real-time observations. This makes systems self-sufficient. Our technical knowledge helps clients locate the finest Internet of Things (IoT) application areas and develop, configure, and integrate IoT solutions.

Logistics IT System Optimization

We bring IT expertise when selecting, integrating, and improving IT systems, based on our deep client intimacy and ability to leverage industry-specific expertise, intellectual property assets, and extensive knowledge of standard business software solutions such as SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, and others.