Sales & Channel Management

Customer service and reaction times are becoming increasingly important to consumers; therefore, our businesses must meet these expectations or risk losing credibility. To drive sales growth, we assist clients in making long-term improvements to the effectiveness of their sales investments and interactions with customers across all channels.

Our approach to sales transformations involves how and to whom businesses offer their products and services, as well as the channels and back-office procedures that support these efforts. When necessary and applicable, we also assist customers in addressing specific challenges in their go-to-market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account management, and other pertinent areas.

Increase Sales ROI

Cutting sales costs is both an art and a science. Our collaborative approach assists organizations in gaining insight into their route-to-market mix while suggesting potential improvement areas and real strategies to achieve them, such as lean back-office sales procedures.

Find and Take Advantage of Small Areas of Growth

Almost any company with a widespread customer base and a significant number of sales transactions has organic growth potential. We help firms identify the nitty gritty areas, industry segments, and services to uncover hidden capsules of growth—including often-overlooked SMB segments—and create strategies and techniques to capture them.

Sync Multichannel Sales Channels

Customers are increasingly utilizing several channels to obtain what they require. Some want enhanced assistance for certain transactions, while others desire low-touch, 24/7 contact. We assist businesses in developing efficient selling strategies across all channels, from key account management to digital sales to indirect channel partners. These strategies are based on accurate assessments of channel performance, channel economics, and client preferences.

Develop a Highly Effective Sales Force

Today’s large firm sales teams are often distributed across large regions. Our innovative, hands-on workshops include performance reviews and train-the-trainer competence building approach for sales managers that blends classroom and on-the-job learning. This is essential for sustainable improvement.