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Customer Lifecycle Management

Customer lifecycle management (CLM) can allow effective customer contact methods that drive considerable business expansion and profitability. We help clients in increasing revenue and margins at every stage of the consumer decision-making process, from acquisition through upsell/cross-sell, loyalty and retention, and debt management. We assist companies in analyzing the behaviors and requirements that distinguish their most valued consumers, determining the appropriate objectives (e.g., acquisition vs retention), and determining the best methods of reaching them (e.g., direct marketing and channel strategy). In practice, our work is divided into three major activities.

Streamlining Loyalty Programs

Our team assists clients in developing integrated, cross-functional programs by analyzing engagement and impact in connection to new and existing consumers. We also assist clients in developing and monetizing loyalty programs and loyalty program data. Finally, we assist clients in fine-tuning software features to enhance potential profits.

Putting Frontline Employee Transformation Initiatives into Action

We assist customers to design transformation programs that enable frontline employees improve their behaviors based on the insights offered by customer data.

Optimizing Customer Experience

We help clients analyze the whole spectrum of customer interactions—from price to product to customer service—and determine the appropriate level of customer experience to provide, based on a mix of consumer expectations and the proportional value of each customer group.