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Consumer Insights & Analytics

By translating consumer insights, leaders can capture growth opportunities and address pressing business challenges. We help clients generate a 360° view of their customers through a combination of customer behaviour knowledge, deep databases of insights, and our unique methodology for turning insights into actionable imperatives to bring value to our clients.

We leverage a strategic mindset and a business perspective to produce consumer and shopper insights and assist in translating those insights into actual business solutions and exceptional organizational performance. We collaborate with clients in three ways.

Qualitative Research

It aids in bringing customers to life. It sheds light on their demands, decision-making processes, and attitudes towards brands.  We educate clients to use these perspectives to emphasize problem-solving, enhance value propositions, overcome adoption barriers, and innovate efficiently and successfully.

Segmentation Platform

As the number of brands, product launches, and consumer points of contact grows, and the struggle for market share increases, segmentation is more crucial than ever in assisting marketing leaders in focusing resources and identifying opportunities for growth. We assist customers in developing a segmentation platform that delivers the core insights required to manage today’s increasingly complicated marketing landscape.

Identify Touchpoints

The phases and touchpoints that influence consumer brand decisions are divided into four zones that comprise the consumer process: enabling brands in becoming part of the initial consideration set; maximizing word of mouth to support brands in standing out during the evaluation process; closing the deal in-store and through agents; and building loyalty after purchase.