Digital Transformation

Sales & Marketing Transformation

Effective interaction blends strategy, design, data, technology, and intent. We provide, maintain, evolve, and support a growing library of integrated tools and capabilities within the modern marketing, sales, and commerce ecosystem, optimizing delivery times and costs while ensuring quality and reducing risk. We’ll help you establish a plan for value-driven sales and marketing transformation. To increase adoption and boost ROI, our design thinking process emphasizes time-to-value.

Digital Marketing Operations & Technology

We assess, strategize, and implement data, analytics, and marketing-tech solutions. We help clients design and implement strategies and techniques to promote customer acquisition, value, engagement, and loyalty, guide technology-solution choices, selection criteria, and vendor trade-offs, and define operating-model options, including roles, organizational structures, and operational procedures.

Digital Sales

Most companies fail to capitalize on the possibility to build long-term value with digital sales strategies. We help clients create and deploy end-to-end digital sales solutions that offer value across the customer decision process. We support customers in formulating their digital agendas and priorities, creating new and strengthening current digital channels and experiences, including digitally enabled salesforce tools, implementing new or upgraded omnichannel strategies, and developing, running, and transferring the digital capabilities needed to compete in a digital environment. Our solution blends omnichannel strategy with swift action. This allows our businesses to save money, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Dynamic E-commerce Pricing

We assist companies identify automated, algorithm-driven solutions to complex assortments, short product life cycles, and limited competition comparisons. The journey starts with an outside-in assessment of dynamic pricing. The examination uses best-in-class tools and methods to create a 360-degree view. The next stage is to conduct a proof of concept. Using the client’s internal and external data, actual improvement opportunities are recognized and captured. The final step is a complete pricing transformation, which comprises the development, testing, and implementation of a dynamic pricing engine and the development of strategic capabilities. Instead of one-time price increases, dynamic pricing enables companies to achieve steady, ongoing pricing improvements. Improving pricing perception on competitive products enhances customer happiness.

Personalization at Scale

We assist businesses in accelerating growth through targeted client interaction. Personalization, when done correctly, improves consumers’ lives and promotes engagement and loyalty by delivering communications that are tuned to – and even anticipate – what customers really want. However, generating value from personalization takes more than just good data and a technological solution. Most firms struggle to adapt their processes and practices in order to fully realize the benefits of customization. Our methodology combines analytics, design, technology, and agile marketing operations to get results in weeks, not months. We focus on developing capabilities as we go, providing the groundwork for scaling effect across the entire business.