Digital Transformation

Core Revival: Drive Modernization

Enhancing legacy assets is a continuing opportunity. A simple, all-in-one ERP suite or core module is becoming a decentralized, cloud-enabled, API-orchestrated collection of functionalities with a streamlined user experience. As this welcome innovative shift continues into the future, we help organizations engage in the core revival trend and establish a road plan for adapting prized core assets to new technology realities.

Enterprise Architecture

We provide companies with digital platforms, enterprise and IT architecture, and IT modernization to promote technology transformation. Organizations must modernize historical architecture with contemporary technology, establish platforms and architecture for developing, delivering, running, and managing digital innovation at scale, and enable their business rather than change their technology. Integrating the inevitable patchwork of systems is tough for established companies. As organizations try to compete with digital natives, we can help them build and deliver platforms (including digital, IoT, ERP, and core systems) and develop digital-ready architectures (such as new architectures or evolving legacy IT). Our strategy emphasizes continual transformation and agile and responsive capabilities, technology, and data. This transition to a modular perpetual-evolution paradigm improves time-to-market and scalability, reduces IT costs and complexity, shortens product development cycles, and aligns IT with the rest of the business.

Infrastructure & Cloud

Many companies don’t fully utilize the cloud. Cloud transformation should begin with successfully integrating cloud into every element of the organization, using it to reinvigorate processes, drive innovation, and take pioneering, adventurous leaps into new verticals and markets. Unlocking the cloud’s full potential requires strategic vision, technical expertise, and a transformation engine with reinforcing and changing components. We bring together top business strategists and cloud professionals to create rapid change. We help companies implement technological upgrades that boost efficiency, effectiveness, and resilience.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Cybersecurity is more than just risk management; it is a strategic issue that influences product capability, organizational effectiveness, and customer connections. Cybersecurity is more than just risk management; it is a strategic issue that influences product capability, organizational effectiveness, and customer connections. We bring the entire force of our firm, leveraging both industry and functional knowledge, to assist customers in developing a complete cyber strategy (encompassing risk, business, and cultural dimensions), “de-risking” their digitization activities, and establishing a safe enterprise. We use our partnerships with industry-leading cybersecurity technology providers, proprietary assessments, in-depth training exercises, and organizational transformation efforts to address our clients’ most pressing cybersecurity issues, such as securing a major cloud transformation, protecting operational technology, establishing appropriate cyber capabilities, and managing the consequences of a public crisis. We understand your business, which is why we are ideally positioned to identify the best strategy, rally leadership around a shared purpose, communicate a clear plan to boards and stakeholders, and prepare the organization for future difficulties.

Technology Sourcing

Technology is helping companies create new business models and improve customer service. IT sourcing teams must balance controlling costs, risks, and innovation. They must develop win–win external relationships to gain access to cutting-edge software and solutions, such as cloud, machine learning, and advanced analytics, hire global talent, and obtain new services. This requires transforming sourcing strategy, execution, and capabilities. We help companies maximize digital sourcing and deliver scalable, cost-effective services and help clients develop a future-ready digital sourcing strategy that aligns with near-term and long-term business objectives, digital and technology priorities, to ensure agile and seamless execution of sourcing programs, and to manage change within a client’s sourcing journey, which includes developing a practical and partnership-based governance with suppliers.

Agile Delivery

Digital capabilities and agility will be necessary for survival in most industries. Under pressure to provide more, reduce costs, and improve quality, organizations are incorporating agile into their operations. Many organizations are built on predictability and control, not speed and flexibility. Rigid procedures, compartmentalized organizational structures, and monolithic IT systems sometimes impede transition. We help companies become agile. Our science-based approach to agility combines business and IT for enterprise-wide transformation.