Digital Transformation

Connect & Optimize Operations

Navigate disruption and operational challenges with the right strategy and approaches to enhance resilience and competitive advantage. Our operations consulting services encompass enterprise strategy, implementation, and technology solutions that generate business results. To expedite your connected operations plan, our operations consultants provide business transformation and industry experience, proprietary technology, ecosystem partner solutions, and our allies’ industrial transformation experience.

Corporate Functions

Corporate and commercial functions like finance, HR, IT, procurement, legal, and facilities management need significant expenditure and are vital to any company. In an era of more globalization, technological disruption, and cost concerns, they also present a big opportunity. In our perspective, great organizations engage in growing these services so they can play a more strategic role. It is critical to identify which business-support functions would benefit from digital and automation technology. We will assist you in maximizing the value of new technology by planning and implementing its application throughout your firm.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Only one-fifth of organizations achieve more than half of the expected benefits from ERP systems. We focus on a few important structural and process improvement levers, such as finance shared services, straight-through order processing, and harmonized customer and purchasing data. Our assessments for various business functions help estimate the value at stake, and a proven project design and execution approach assures you get the benefit. This is crucial since companies often miss their full potential during implementation and rollout. Through a proven change-management methodology, we help establish capabilities to realize the full benefits of a large-scale IT initiative over time.

Digitizing Operations

By combining digital, automation, and new styles of working to customer journeys and SG&A procedures, next-generation digital service operations transform an organization’s operational model. The rise of digital is shaping the future of work into a fourth industrial revolution in services. We help organizations deploy digital and automation across the whole operating model to capitalize on the new service revolution. Together with our technology partners, we offer a variety of services to assist clients change their end-to-end operational models. Our competencies include end-to-end process redesign enabled by technology solutions, technology-assisted G&A optimization, and substantial technological transformations and programme re-platforming.

IT Project Optimization

We help clients complete IT projects on time and on budget while boosting business value. We help clients with complex IT projects and off-track projects with our proprietary Value Assurance technique for public and private clients across industries. This unique strategy focuses on commercial value and transferring expertise to client teams to ensure sustainability.

Lean IT

Lean IT is effective without a big investment. IT has reached an unprecedented level of complexity, and companies that rely heavily on it risk unpredictability and lower consumer satisfaction. Lean continuous-improvement addresses these difficulties. Our lean strategy starts with IT customers. This improves IT procedures globally. Our technique provides long-term benefits for both providers and insources. We focus on operations, mindsets, and organizational capabilities. We help businesses increase quality and productivity by standardizing IT infrastructure, application development, and maintenance.