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IT Risk

75% of ERP programs fail, leaving executives with problems like finding the correct solution and implementation partner, learning and aligning with the ERP system’s needs, and supporting high-end technologies.

We help clients with ERP/SAP testing and assessments to identify specific initiatives to improve ERP system performance, SAP optimization, ERP evaluation and sourcing support, ERP/SAP implementation support, ERP/SAP project management office assistance, Process and controls design, Functional testing and validation services, Training and change management support, Master data cleansing services, SAP migration and upgrade assistance, and Reports.

Our value addition services help organizations with

Effective use of ERP to fulfil current and future business needs.

Optimization, simplicity, and duplication reduction.

ERP master data rationalization and governance enhancement.

Better reporting and management.

Automating manual operations to enhance productivity and reduce errors.