compliance & risk

Cyber Risk

Cybersecurity is not a technological endeavour. This is a business initiative with a strong technological component and is an integral part of a company’s strategy. Companies that realise this avoid lengthy, impractical cyber roadmaps. They prioritise business-critical risks and capabilities. Our unique cybersecurity methodology is influenced by this philosophy and we help firms prioritise digital and cyber risk management. As a result, a substantial percentage of our work focuses on enabling: building the framework for continued success.

We integrate technology knowledge with risk management processes and controls to lower our clients’ susceptibility and increase their ability to respond quickly to cyber disasters.

Cybersecurity Strategy

We strive to understand risk tolerance in the context of company strategy rather than using checklists to evaluate cybersecurity risk. We get at the heart of a company’s cybersecurity vision and align it with its strategy.

Cyber Process

We help clients identify gaps and recommend modifications in existing governance framework while supporting internal or regulatory compliance through ISMS certification and maintenance, Business continuity and cyber crisis management, cybersecurity compliance, third-party risk management, and data protection and privacy.

Cyber Technology

Through vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, red and blue teaming, cyber simulations and war gaming, and cyber threat intelligence, we help clients identify security-related shortcomings and advise changes in existing technology.

Continually Assessing, Adapting, and Improving

Our goal is to help clients manage their own cybersecurity and risk. Strong change management enables firms to continuously modify their cybersecurity approach to their needs, circumstances, and goals.

Cyber Assurance

A cyber security audit can reassure a company and its stakeholders that it’s following protocols. We provide assurance and attestations to clients who want a third-party report on their procedures.

Capacity Building

Our cybersecurity design is based on evidence-based analysis and client priorities. Because we take such a targeted approach, it is not necessary for a company to be exceptional in all aspects of cybersecurity. Being competent is seldom required, but making subsequent efforts may be futile in certain situations.

Cyber Audits

Technology has now made it easier for enterprises to reach out to end users. This has improved regulators’ knowledge and compliance-related enterprise monitoring. We perform independent information system audits, regulatory compliance, IT general controls, application audits, transaction reconciliations, and incident investigations.